Shlumpadinka Chic

I’ve had a downer few days. No one thing I can call out as the reason. A multi-faceted ‘blah’ then. Weather, PMS, the Pill, a week off of running, mammahood routine feeling very, well, routine…

All of it making me feel frumpy and bored. Or maybe boring. Something’s got to change. Annoyingly, deep down I know the only change required is my attitude. One of those you know you know but you don’t really want to know. You know?

Besides, moping can’t really continue when you’ve got:

Rainbow Brenny Bright peering into your eyes.

My sister visiting me and the girls!

Kaya drawing yet another person but this time yelling “Look Mom! I’m leaping!” which besides being adorable, is a fairly accurate portrayal!

After I accost that picture as a keeper before she scratches big black blotches all over it (as she’s prone to do), she draws another one. This time Mommy (whom she labels) and Kaya dancing along with ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Because we love to twirl. And no, those are not my boobies (as I was hoping!) They are flowers or a fly flying in my belly depending on when you ask her.

Not satisfied yet, she pics up another piece of paper and draws herself a birthday party. Complete with leaping, tricks, step stools, flowers, all the kids wearing shoes and a dragon.

My kid rocks my world.

When my kids are not delighting me, the prospect of Pajama Jeans are. Pajamas that look like Jeans. Win, win people! Unless it’s like beer and chocolate cake. Then it’s just wrong. But, as a dear friend posted on my facebook, is it so wrong it is right?

I am leaning to yes and if anyone is brave/stupid enough to buy a pair (or you are a new mom nursing at god forsaken hours fighting to stay awake by watching TV which only plays infomercials that SUCK YOU IN to a crazy shopping vortex where everything looks brilliant and invaluable and you do not even know that you purchased something nevermind purchased Jean PJ’s until they arrive in the mail) please message me. Because I have got to know. Brilliant? Bust? Booty Shakable? Plumber Buttable?

Anyways, on to other things that make me happy. Like the new backsplash and paint in my kitchen. Loving it. Good work Bal!

Still having not quite shaken the doldrums, I take a ‘me’ day on Sunday and go to the city for some shopping- alone. I do not like shopping but I like having no children nagging/fussing/hungry/disturbing-the-peace and I really like browsing for hours at books. I like buying myself a wallet and bag. I like getting the chance to kick back and people watch (not be the watched people.) It is a wonderful day, a needed day, a rejuvenating one. I feel like that is all that I needed. Until I get home and see that our friends, who own a fabulous flower business, have brought by yellow tulips. Everywhere I glance, there is cheer. They are perfect. Bright and joyful and perfect.

Bon Voyage blahs!


One thought on “Shlumpadinka Chic

  1. The combination of a babies smile, a toddlers art work (which should be framed its so amazing), a sisters visit,(who is stunning btw) contemplating jean pj’s???? a city visit and beautiful flowers to return home to, not to mention an awesome looking kitchen (good job Bal) the Blah’s didn’t have a chance. Hope your world has completely righted itself.

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