Just Dandy… Lion

Since the first time my girl gifted me a rock, she has graced me with countless presents. That first, amazing, rock has a place of honour in her scrapbook but most of the other surprises are slyly dropped, hidden or recycled. Not because I don’t appreciate the sentiment but because I don’t want to appear on reality TV as The Mommy Hoarder.

Today she delivers a dandelion.

Which is a weed.

Though you could never convince her of this. And I am not really convinced either.

Not when the presentation is so damn good:


It is 1999. I have arrived back home, jet-lagged and unsure, after a year teaching English in Korea. Landing, luggage, hello’s are a blur. Driving through the city, though necessary, does not occur in my memory.


Like that I am in the Fraser Valley. Out of the city. It has been a long, long time since I have been outside a city.

Blink. Through tears.

The beauty surrounding me is unbearable. I do not want to blink. I just want to stare in wonder, then wonder. Wonder how I could have stayed away so long. Wonder why the hell I am back at all.

Blink. Through tears. Through snorting laughter.

“What’s so funny?” asks Bal eyeing up this girl he once knew who now seems slightly insane.

“Overcome by the beauty- snort -and gorgeous scenery- snort-then realized,”

Giggle, giggle, snort, laugh…

“it’s just fields of DANDELIONS!”


Then, in all seriousness “Wow, dandelions are gorgeous.”

Blink. Through tears.

“Are you okay?”

I thought not at the time. But looking back I can see that I was seeing things through my traveller eyes. Which at its heart is a child’s eyes. Pure and simple. Without labels or preconceived notions. I saw a field bursting with joy, thousands of suns just waiting to be plucked.


2 thoughts on “Just Dandy… Lion

  1. I really really really love those gorgeous photos of Kaya! I love how you tied in your today with your yesterdays – so perfectly. You are a great writer!

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