A Dental Plea

Dear Teeth,

COME OUT ALREADY DAMN YOU! It is not nice to tease. Nor taunt. Nor torture.

So for the love of sleep and smiley, happy babies, please come forth. Now!

I am begging you,

Brennyn’s sleep deprived mom


Deer Tooth,

Dude, come out already. I am f&*$ing tired.

Brennyn’s father


Dear teeb,

I look bunny. No, not like a bunny. Punny. As in silly. Please come out. I wanna look like my sister. Please!

Like, yesterday.

Wib Lub,

Brenny the Toobless Bunny (this time I mean Bunny)

PS. I promise to bite somebing really good if you come out! Like doggies. Or sisters. Oh, oh, I know, nipples! Yes, I will happily bite a nipple! Or two… Yup, debinitely two!



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