Dear Kaya and Brennyn, (3.5 years/9 months)

To my Lovely-Lou and Cutes MaGoots,

This is my first letter to the both of you. I combine it since it’s neither of your real birthday. Still, it has been a momentous few months so I thought I had better write you a few words.

We have had the Olympics here, and while you won’t remember having been there, my hope is that you carry with you the spirit, energy, joy and passion that the Olympics brought to town. The Olympic committee often talks about the legacy of the Olympic Games. This is your legacy girls. Especially since two kick-ass women gold medal winners live right here. Damn, they could end up being your teachers. That is some legacy! Though I would greatly appreciate it if you give me a few years, like twenty, before following Ashleigh McIvor or Maelle Ricker down the ski/snowboard cross runs.

Regardless if you are racing down a mountain or writing a book of poetry, the real legacy is to follow your passions. Do what you love, love what you do. Easy right? Hah, talk to me in a few years…

In honour of the games, here are my winning Olympic moments from the both of you.


Bronze- Your awe and adoration, not for the thousands of people in the street or performers or impressive displays of athleticism, but for more simple things like the bus ride over the Lions Gate Bridge, traffic lights blinking ‘walk’, and escalators & elevators. So easy to please!

Silver- Mascot love! High-fiving Quatchi, hugs for Miga, cheering for them skate at Robson Square and losing your helium balloon only to be satisfied that you sent it up high in the sky for Sumi to catch and play with. Not to mention all the play and cuddles with the mini versions and book at home.

GOLD- Singing Oh Canada! Over and over and over again. And over and over and over…


Bronze- Feeding you mid event. Whether at luge, superG or gold medal hockey watching in Whistler, we had to stop and feed you in the middle of snow, cold and exciting action. This often ends up in banana mush up your nose, in your ear, on your purple snowsuit. With mouth WIDE open, you lunge at, turn towards, maneuver to spoon dangling just out of your reach as mom or dad are distracted by a whizzing luge, speedy skiier or GOAL!!!!

Silver- Partying with the rest of us in Whistler as we watch men’s hockey go for gold. Daddy tried to turn you around in the carrier so you would sleep (like your snoozy sister) but you would have none of it. You wanted to turn back around and cheer with the rest of us!

GOLD- Cow bell. Cow bell. And more Cow bell!

Besides the Olympics, the last few months have also brought incredible feats of learning. Kaya you are spelling. Already! Your first word? Mom! Written in my journal without me even knowing it. I spot it the next day and can not even believe it. Amazing. Since then you have spelled more words, like ham (I think you were attempting Hannah but you stopped at ‘a’ then started to spell mom which resulted in ‘ham’. Hilarious!), dad (which came out as bab), Kaya and Hannah. You have not yet written but can spell stop, go, Brennyn and Riley. Seriously amazing. You so love to learn. Some of our best moments consist of me writing in my journal and you colouring or painting beside me. Actually, as I type this, the title at the top reads Dear Kaya and Brennyn. You immediately spot the ‘Kaya’ and are very intrigued that I should be writing about you. If you only knew how much! I suppose you will. Poor love…

Brennyn, you have learned to crawl! Which has opened up a whole new world of things to explore. Blinds, Riley’s water dish, bathroom step stools and door stoppers being the most exciting. Of course.

The springy door stopper has been the best find. Especially since Kaya had never seen it in action either. The two of you sit there flicking it and giggling forever. It is impossible to be grumpy amongst girly giggles. Did you know that?

Oh how I adore watching the two of you together. Sisters.

“A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves – a special kind of double.”  ~Toni Morrison

I love this quote. Especially since I see so much of that truth already. Sometimes the two of you look at each other, Kaya so nurturing, Brennyn so adoring, and I so see that. Hopefully you two do too though I suspect for a few years, this quote may be more apt:

“Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring – quite often the hard way.”  ~Pamela Dugdale

The hard way being baby body slams, grabbing toys away, tantrums at toys being snatched away, toy battle royals, attention competitions, hair pulling, pushing over, walking over, and/or crawling over. Oh and this is so just the beginning.

For the most part though, the both of you project such a sense of wanting to PLAY with each other. Brennyn’s eyes of delight whenever your big sis enters a room. You follow, watch, copy and grab for her. You want her toys, her bed, her food. You want to dance, booty shake and play. Oh to really play!

And Kaya, looking at your lil’ sis with an almost motherly love in one moment, then a ‘oh-hurry-up-and-grow-already-you-boring-lump-o-baby the next! You need somebody to play dollhouse with. Not to mention spin, dance, booty shake, giggle, play hide n’ seek and sandbox with. Though now that Brennyn is crawling and grabbing for all your stuff, lump-o-baby is not looking quite so bad!

No matter, you both adore each other. Some days you will abhor each other. It’s all good. Because you are sisters and at the end of the day, you will always, ALWAYS, love each other.

Just about as much as I love the two of you. So to send off, I send my love to you the way you send your love to me at this your 3.5 years and ninth month.

Kaya, with kisses and cuddles and an exuberant ‘I love you EVERY day!’

Brennyn, with a determined, giggly crawl at the sight of you, then a comforting pat upon the shoulder. You can not talk yet, but that pat speaks to me. It says “I am safe. I am happy. I am loved and I love you back.”

Oh how I love you two back.

For eternity,



2 thoughts on “Dear Kaya and Brennyn, (3.5 years/9 months)

  1. Hey Kari,

    Love the letter to your girls. I just love it for its creativity!

    I have a great book suggestion for you if you haven’t already got it. Its called Love, Mommy: Writing Love Letters To Your Baby, by Judy Siblin-Librach. I am just getting into it and its giving me a lot of inspiration for my writing to my girls.

    Might be worth a look at online. It isn’t in their stores but I was able to order it on Chapters/Indigo online.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for that Kristin! Looks like a good one.

    I wrote one ‘official’ letter to Kaya when she was 1 month old and have continued to do it every 6 months and now I’ve done the same for Brennyn. I print them and put them in their scrapbooks though this whole site is pretty much to them!

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