Wow. So I am sitting here grieving for a woman that I have never met. I know her only through her blog and even then, only for about a month or two. I do not remember how I came to her blog. One of those link to link to link times then BAM, I have to stop and watch, then read. The first blog posting I saw was a video of her saying goodbye. She was dying. I was shocked by it but also drawn in. She had so much LIFE to her. Which sounds bizarre. So I then read more. And more. And more. This girl is poetic. Gorgeous. Wise. A fighter. But most of all, most importantly, a lover. Of life. Of people. Of love.

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” ~Henry David Thoreau

She sure did that. What an inspiration for the rest of us.

Get to know her, her cause and her legacy on her blog at 65 Red Roses. Sometimes it will be hard to read, it is, afterall, of her dying. But mostly you will see her Life. Her energy and compassion, humour and silliness, joy and LOVE. So much love.

Rest in peace Eva.

*PS. I believe the Passionate Eye on CBC is playing the documentary about her also called 65 Red Roses on Friday. I’ll be watching.


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