Future Bootcamp Enforcer

Running is hard. Made harder by loose laces, inadequate sports bra, and strollers with screaming baby inside. Now I don’t want to give you the wrong idea. Brennyn is a happy baby but she likes what she likes and she does NOT like sitting still. The only time she stopped crying on my 20 minute jaunt this morning was the two times I went down a fairly steep hill. Future daredevil I predict.

The thing about Miss Screamadilly is, she does not like to be bored. And please do not even think of patronizing her with baby toys. Kaya’s toys are okay. Mom’s keys, remote, phone, keyboard, books, pens, journal, camera, now those are items worth further inspection. So the thing is, she’s easy to please. Just not while strapped in a seat. Duly noted Brenny. Mommy will run on her own (screams of joy erupt from both mamma and baby!)


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