With Glowing Hearts or Scowling Faces?

“Man is what he believes.” -Anton Chekhov

So why does the Canadian government want us all to believe that we are a society of criminals and convicts amongst a drug induced haze? How could we not believe such a thing when we have to look at ourselves on our drivers license and passports staring straight ahead all grim and growly. God forbid the hint of a smile appears. But a furrowed brow? Not an issue. Welcomed even.

Is this because this is how we would look upon being accosted by the police or customs official? Swifter identification affirmation by the authorities?

It’s a national psychological crisis. We are infusing this belief that we are, at our core, ugly and mean. It’s hard to do our daily affirmations a la Stuart Smalley from SNL when we have to see ourselves looking like convicts every time we board a plane or pay for beer.

I say, no more mugshots. Bring on us shiny, happy people. Let our kids have hope. Let them know they are this:

Let's Show our 'Glowing Hearts'

Not this:



2 thoughts on “With Glowing Hearts or Scowling Faces?

  1. Such sad looking faces! I bet it was the only time you had to tell Kaya not to smile for the camera. Are you planning a trip somewhere?

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