Women Lady Female Girl Power

It is International Women’s Day today and to my daughters I wish you the greatest of women role models.

I wish that you learn from your mother both from my gifts and my faults.

I wish that you are guided by your 3 amazing grandmothers, all of whom unique and with treasures to teach.

I wish you at least one inspiring teacher who sees your gifts, acknowledges them, and lets them flourish under her watch.

I wish you lifelong girlfriends who will never judge and always listen, no matter what obstacles and mistakes come into your lives.

I wish you a life of seeing women first hand as presidents and business owners and mothers and athletes.

I wish that you will learn and respect the journey women have gone through down the ages so that you are able to appreciate your opportunities.

I wish that you will be what you will see-the amazing sister, friend, mother, grandparent, guide and role model too.


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