My Big Girl Seems Bigger

“Mommy, can my best friend come over to my house, and I can show her this special thing I ever heard, in the whole wide world?”

Whereby I know the present I got her was a hit.


In the backseat of the car:

“Brenny is smiling at me because she thinks I am the best sister EVER!”


“Or,” said with quiet contemplation,

“She wants this cozy Canucks blankie I have on my legs…”


“Hmmmm….” she looks up at me with her sly, i’m-about-to-be-very-funny look

“Hmmm… Download speed!”

“What?” I ask.

“Download speed!” she giggles.

“Who taught you that?” I ask assuming it was her tech-support daddy.

“The lady on the commercial! Hmmm… Download Speed!”

She repeats this over and over, giggling all the while.

I can only presume this is an Olympic sponsor since that is the only tv we’ve watched for the last 3 weeks. Since the Olympics are over, we may never see the commercial again. But they can be rest assured that their work there was done. Who knew their target market was so young?!


Kaya wrote her first real word on her own this past month. ‘Mom’ So proud! So not interested in you negative nellies telling me it’s actually ‘wow’.

Her second word makes me just about as proud.

‘Ham’ Cuz you can never go wrong with ham.


We are playing doctor. I fix her then it’s her turn to be doctor.

“Does your ear hurt?” doctor asks

“No, my belly does. What should I do to feel better doctor?”

“Umm… I will go get something.” Leaves and runs back.

“Here is a toothbrush and some toothpaste and you must brush your teeth so there are no more snakes!”

“And that will help my belly?”


Alrighty then.

“And here is Baby Wow Wow. You have to cuddle her too!”


“My whole family is going to play this game but in 5 days and then Brennyn can play because she’ll be big like me and then she can play the whole game to and then my whole family in the whole wide world can play that game and then she will go downstairs and she will make me some coffee!”

“She’s going to make you coffee?” I laugh.

Smirk. “In a long time mommy when I am a mommy and then I can have coffee because it is too hot for me now and it smells like funny.”


One thought on “My Big Girl Seems Bigger

  1. Oh my! She’s growing up! And is going to be a comedian in 5 days when she’s a mommy and can drink coffee. Hilarious!

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