Ring Watch

Sorry- can. not. blog.

Must. watch. more. Olympics.

Gold. gold. GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t have so much of Beer Goggles as I do Olympic Ring Goggles. Damn, that would have been a good thing to invent and sell at the games. The 5 rings with gold medal reflections…

Actually, I am seeing things in 5 right now. I can not even fathom what I’m going to feel like come Day 17. Phew…

Took the girls to Vancouver today for the festivities. We saw mascots and concerts and lots and lots of performances throughout the streets. The highlight for Kaya though? Bus ride over the Lions Gate bridge and going up and down escalators. So easy to please at this age!

Energy in the city amazing. Never seen anything like it in this town.

Bal and I look forward to going back later this week without children so that we may actually be able to enter a pavilion and take some photos and have some drinks. Mmmmm, beer…


One thought on “Ring Watch

  1. You know how they have those hard hats that hold two beers and have straws that go straight to your mouth…. make that but the straws would be crazy straws in the shape of the Olympic rings going over your eyes, then into your mouth. OLYMPIC BEER GOGGLES! This would REALLY make me watch more of the olympics.

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