Opening Ceremonies

Oh Canada!

Opening Ceremonies done and it was just so Canadian. So incredibly Canadian. Intimate, stunning, subdued if you consider punk-rock fiddling tap dancers subdued. Love it! The lightning, and whales and impressive tree grove filled with dancers. KD Lang’s smoky, gorgeous Hallelujah and a slam poet (a slam poet!) describing our essence, our canadiana.

Then Wayne Gretzky taking the flame to the torch outside in the back of a pickup truck? Come on, could anything be more Canadian?!

Okay, so I went to the dress rehearsal and watched the real thing on TV at home. Here’s my take.

Obviously, live is better. It’s just more immense, impressive as any live event is. Inside BC place it snows on us. It totally looks and feels like real snow. A cool breeze blows. The atmosphere is charged. Then the four First Nations groups come out and they drum on the largest drum that reverberates through the 60,000 seats that make up BC place. At the rehearsal, the audience did not get the drum kits or lights that the real audience got to participate throughout the ceremony. I can only imagine how that sounded, how that felt, the drumming, the rhythmic pounding absorbed through the toes and pulsating as fast as everybody’s adrenaline hearts. Awesome.

So yes, live is better. 60,000 people got to experience that. But for the estimated 3 billion television viewers, it was still amazing. It told our story, it showcased our beauty, both inside and out. That is all we could hope to do.

Go Canada Go!


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