Opening Ceremonies Secrets Unrevealed

I attended the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Ceremony dress rehearsal last night. I am sworn to secrecy but here is what I can tell you:

-Despite local news reports this morning, the Canadian anthem was stunning. Tears by some. Chills by others. Arm hairs standing on end by other others. Me, my needing-to-nurse-my-baby-boobs’ nipples went erect. If that’s not good, I don’t know what is.

-No real ‘surprises’ as far as I was concerned in entertainers, but fabulous performances by all.

-The stand-in athletes were hilarious! They were milking (damn, I really needed to breastfeed…) their opportunity to walk with the flag around BC Place for all it was worth. Jumping, cheering, fist pumping, kartwheeling mania was had by all. I can not even fathom how much my ticket is for the real ceremony but I was seated right beside where all the US and Canadian athletes will be seated after walking in.

-Hotdog and one beer was $15. A 500ml bottle of water was $4. Though I believe this is the same whether at the opening ceremonies or a Lion’s game.

-Ben Mulroney MC’d the pre-show. Are we Canadians too polite to let the networks know Ben Mulroney is as entertaining as sitting in an empty room painted white while suffering from tinnitus, that incessant buzzing in our ears that won’t stop?  Enough with the Ben Mulroney already. Bring on George Stroumboulopoulos! Oh damn, he’s on that other, non-Olympic sponsored network.

-There was a guy behind me recruiting everyone around to cheer wildly when the country Togo came out. Only Togo never came out. It went straight to Turkey. An American beside him asks “Oh to bad! Are you from Togo?”

“Me? Nope. Montreal.”

Everyone laughs.

-A guy is wearing a gold medal around his neck. Somebody comes up and asks where he got it from and in what sport. “Bowling. On my office floor. Today. It’s chocolate!” The other guy laughs. He totally thought it was a real medal.

-Getting frisked by volunteers is fun. Really. That’s, like, the most action I’ve got in ages…

-Stephen Harper is really, really, really bad at French. Even me, with my barely there Grade 12 french, could hear how bad it sounded, nevermind the two french guys in front of me who were crying they were laughing mocking so hard. And okay, not so much as crying as they were drunk.

And that’s it. That’s all I’ve got for you. The rest is for your viewing pleasure on Friday. Because even though you want to know, you don’t want to know that Locke is actually creepy, smoky, black, Locke monster until it’s time to know, you know? (Umm, sorry about the Lost reference there. I just want to know with that show! But know when it’s time to know… Oh, you know!) Besides, it is a very visual experience and reading about it here would not do it justice at all.

Looking forward to seeing it all come together Friday for a fabulous show and beginning of some awesome sporting events!


2 thoughts on “Opening Ceremonies Secrets Unrevealed

  1. We are heading down this weekend for a couple days of “free” entertainment. aka we didn’t get any tickets. oh well. Are you guys bringing the munchkins into Vancouver at all? We will be there on Monday & Tuesday.

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