On Good Days

There are moments when you look at your children and are all damn, you are amazing!

With Brennyn, it is her dogged will to grasp the one thing just out of reach that she knows she can’t have. If I have a rattle out for her, she lunges for the dog bone. If a squeaky, crinkly toy is provided, she grasps for the too small Kaya toy. If I provide a larger Kaya toy, she wants the TV remote. If I give her an old broken TV remote, she wants the Wii remote. Then amazingly, against all odds, she finds a way to reach it. No matter how far away it looks to me. Next thing I know she has a firm grip, a mischievous grin, and a wide, slobbery mouth readying for impact.

I can not help but admire her tenacity. She sets lofty goals, achieves them and moves on to the next. This girl is going to do great things in this world.

Kaya too is going to accomplish amazing things. Only in a quieter way I suspect. She’s going to be the hero, the helper, the guide. For Kaya is a sensitive soul who’s motto is ‘Don’t Be Sad, Be Glad!’ often said to her screaming ‘Brenny Claire-Bear’.

She is the one who worries about the kid at the playground crying over a scraped knee. She wants to know the burned building is going to be fixed. In her reflective time before bed, she is the one who brings up fights at daycare or getting in trouble from mommy or the broken toy. She is constantly looking for solutions to these problems. Yes, Kaya has her own lofty goals. That of saving the world. No biggy.

Most days I am in awe of my girls. Most parents are I suppose. Just as most parents also have moments when you look at your children, shake your head and are all, you try my patience child.

Stay tuned tomorrow for that side of the story…


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