Two women in my community have changed my life today and neither of them know it. Both are pre-school teachers and both kick ass.

While I sit around moping about rainy westcoast winters, not being able to lose the last 5lbs, and lack of energy, these women are out there, bettering themselves and inspiring people.

I do not know either of them personally. One is the preschool teacher of a friend of mines two boys. The other is Kaya’s preschool teacher.

The first is in a wheelchair after becoming a paraplegic six years ago after an accident. She does not feel sorry for herself. Probably never even crossed her mind to do so. Which is one of those lessons best not taught but seen by example. What a gift to her students. This week has been a big one for her. First she was chosen as the person who will light the cauldron at the Olympic torch ceremony when it comes to town on Thursday, then she was chosen as Citizen of the Year in our town. Not only is she a teacher, a preschool/daycare teacher who, let’s face it, make a meager salary, she also volunteers with Big Sisters, plays wheelchair Rugby, volunteers with Rick Hansen Wheels in motion and is participating in the opening ceremonies for the Paralympic games. January/February rain is not slowing this woman down.

Then there is Kaya’s teacher. Right this very minute, she is running in Costa Rica, on day 4 of a 6 day expedition race. She ran 62.4 km the other day! 11.5 hours running. And that was just day 2. She is running at least 30km a day for 6 days. Seriously.

Yes, it has crossed my mind that perhaps letting a crazy woman teach my daughter is not wise. But this is good-crazy and everybody should have a little good-crazy in their lives. The amazing communication tool that is Facebook has allowed for constant updates and tracking her progress possible. While I sit at my desk, absorbed in, she is running through rainforests and crossing rivers and swimming under waterfalls. She is doing it. She has trained hard for 7 months, scrimped and saved to be able to pay to run her ass off for 6 days, and now she is there, she is doing it. Running with professional expedition racers. Our daughter’s daycare teacher. Doing it. Awesome.

So yes, these women have changed my life today. No more moping or making excuses about why I can’t get outside or find time to write. Time to go for a run (a sensible 30 minute one) then time to submit some articles. I too, am going to do it.


3 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. I’ve been thinking about this. Quadriplegic?! She can’t use her arms or her legs? How on earth does she look after a classroom of little people? Even if she has an assistant, I don’t get how she does it. She is a superhero. There ought to be a movie about her. Must have a charming smile and a voice that works on little people. For me, one set of arms and legs is hardly enough to look after one little monster. As always- you give me something much more profound to mull over than the mold growing on my curtains and walls and the dry pink skin on Joji’s chin. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh crap, thanks for pointing that out Stacy. She’s actually paraplegic. No less impressive to teach a bunch of wild preschoolers!

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