Calvin is Evil

I got my block super cheap off Craigslist. It’s huge. Taking up my entire desk. Kaya and I are going to draw monsters and ghosts all over it. ‘Happy Ghosts Mom!’ Yours maybe child.

So yes, total writer’s block these days. A ton of things to write about, but no words are flowing. I think it’s because I’m reading a book about how to get your creative juices flowing and the first sentence in such a book should read “DO NOT READ ME. GO AWAY. JUST WRITE!”

I wonder if I could publish such a book?

You know you have writer’s block when:

  • You organize your bookmarks folder
  • you link to link to link to link forever and a day even if you are mind-numbingly BORED
  • you check out tweets (nope, still don’t understand…)
  • you refresh your facebook page every 23 seconds
  • you have a list of lexulous matches and are equally passionate about each one
  • you clean doors, frames, knobs, trim, fans
  • you dust
  • you read blog after blog of people you do not give a shit about
  • you have a nap
  • you make your own cards
  • you spend evil amounts of time playing on
  • you read every single recap of Lost, then download the free seasons 1-5 recap, then read more recaps of Lost and get really excited by a timeline of Lost
  • you blog about how pathetically blocked you are

The most shocking thing on that list is that I organized my bookmark folder. I should say partially organized. Because I went through each and every bookmark so I could decide which to delete which was great until I hit some really good ones and couldn’t stop reading them. The problem with so many bookmarks is that you never actually remember that you have some really cool stuff to go back and check out.

Here, my top 3 forgotten bookmarks:

3. Scooby Doo Quotes Because seriously, who doesn’t love a good Scooby Doo quote? I keep thinking that something is going to happen in my life whereby I can use a Scooby Doo quote but I am just not mysterious enough (nor high enough I think). My favourite has to be Daffane’s lightbulb moment: “Wait a minute… Ghosts can’t leave fingerprints…” But I also aspire in my life to say this at least once: “I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!”

2. La Blogotheque I mean, it is just amazing music. I could, and have, spent hours just browsing through, discovering new artists, memorizing jaw-dropping lyrics. Love it!

1. Oh Neave. How I love and hate you all at the same time. You are pointless. Trivial. Mind-numbing. You can waste a day like no other. Remember back in the day, before satellite tv and pvr’s? Remember channel surfing? I miss channel surfing. Flick-flick-flick-flick-flick-stop-stay-laugh-flick-flick-action!-commercial-flick-flick. You could be watching tv for 4 hours and not watch one real thing. Oh Neave. How did you know my longing for such nothingness? Seriously, if you’ve never been, set aside an hour and go to the channel surfing section. You will get absolutely nothing accomplished. And you will love it.
Have I mentioned that I am torturing myself again by partaking in NaBloPoMo for February? With writer’s block. Brilliant. I expect a lot of quality time with Neave this month. And Scooby Doo.

Oh Jinkes…


3 thoughts on “Calvin is Evil

  1. But whe you refresh facebook every 23 seconds you soon start to wonder who are these friends, why are they my friends, how did they become my friends. Hang on she’s going out with him, so the other one must have been dumped I better go and see. Oh it’s ok he was her brother. I wonder who they are. Alistair

    Ps I’m not bored I just like Calvin and nice blog Al

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