Grammy Observations

Grammy women rock my world. Come on? Pink? Hello. Amazing. I had to make a bathroom break to vomit just watching her. And she sang throughout? Sang beautifully. Incredible.

Beyonce. Stunning. Powerful. Genuine. Gracious. Not really a fan of her music to be honest but she’s an impressive act.

Taylor Swift. Cute and sweet and real and a kick-ass song writer and singer. Talent and true humility. I don’t even want to like this girl but I can’t help it.

Lady Gaga. I mean come on. She fucking rocks. She’s crazy and gorgeous and crazy some more.

These are some strong, powerful women and I am just grateful that I chose this as the first award show I have watched in, oh, at least 5 years.

The only time I did not feel all ‘women empowered!’ was when Taylor Swift won for best country album and she hugged her mom. Maybe it’s just me, but I had a sense that mom was not in a genuine moment of joy for her daughter. I felt more of a ‘oh shit, the camera’s are on me and my ass right now’ moment. I could be totally wrong.

What was up with all the people not wearing 3d glasses to watch the Michael Jackson tribute? Did they think they would look dorky? Loving Beyonce boppin up and down in pure enjoyment with the silly glasses on. I totally predict designer 3d glasses in the upcoming year. Lame.

And why too do the stars, the famous people, not feel inclined to get up and dance or give an ovation? Can they not appreciate other artists even while competing with them? I am not sure about this, but I don’t think any of the front row crowd stood up for Lady Gaga and Elton John. Seriously? That was awesome. Show your love stars. Show some love.

That’s all from me. But Kaya would like the last word.

“I like that music show. I want to do that. Can we go see that? They are beeeautiful. And I can shake my booty!”


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