Meet Parrot Kaya

Whether she is a copycat or comedian, mimicking or impersonating, Kaya often has something come out of her mouth that sounds exactly, EXACTLY, like someone else in the family. Which is sometimes like looking in the mirror, then headbutting yourself. Like when she follows her daddy’s lead and blurts “Come on Dumb-dumb!” to her doggie. Most of the time though, it is simply endearing.

Kaya (as mommy) greeting Brennyn:

“Well hello Miss Grabby Hands!”


Kaya (as daddy) in her car seat:

“Brennyn is smiling at me!”

“Oh really.”

“Yah, she thinks I am the best thing EVER!”


Kaya (as Brennyn)

“Ohhh, Ahhh, Eeeeee, Ohhhhh!!!” On and on and on.

“What are you doing Kaya?”

“Telling stories to Brennyn.”

“In baby language?”

“Yah. And like birdies sing too.”


Mid spin, she stops dramatically, and says (as herself, ALL herself)

“I have to go poop.” Pause for dramatic effect.

“And then, I WILL DANCE!”


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