Marbles Anyone?

I need a day off. Impossible since I am breastfeeding. Two 15-minute breaks and a half-hour lunch would work though. I am not sure what is happening. Sleep, in 2, 3, maximum 5-hour increments for six months in a row seems a likely culprit. Though I may also have a mild case of PPXD- Post Psychotic Xmas Disorder.

Whatever the cause, I am done.

In the past four days I have:

  • forgot Kaya’s snowpants for daycare. Not a travesty by any means but they were in my hand. Then gone. Just gone.
  • forgot Kaya’s swimsuit when taking her to SWIMMING lessons.
  • lost Kaya’s toque at some point in swim lessons.
  • forgot Kaya’s lunch for daycare.
  • forgot to make the turn towards daycare upon returning from retrieving forgotten lunch. Where the hell did I think I was going?
  • forgot I stuffed Brennyn’s booties into her diaper pouch and blamed everyone else for their disappearance before remembering.
  • lost my phone whereby I look EVERYWHERE for it until realizing I could phone it (brilliant I know) whereby it rings in my purse- the very one I have dug through several times in my search.
  • gone to the store for zip lock bags, only zip lock bags, then leave the store spending over $100 and NO zip lock bags.
  • lost Bal’s mom in the grocery store (Cut me a break here will you. She’s little!)
  • Lost my purse. At the pool. Damn pool.

Purse found. Mind still on the loose. If you see her, do me a favour will you? Reel her in and march her straight to rehab. Or a meditation centre. Or Fiji. Ahhhh, Fiji. Oh hell, you’d better just send her back to me. Immediately.

Before I go so far as losing an appendage. Like a finger. Or a child.

That would be bad.

Reward offered.

Confidentiality not guaranteed as I am a blogger.


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