Opposite of Zen

Brennyn cries. Kaya whines.

“AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGG! You two are driving me CRAZY!”

Brennyn continues to cry.

Kaya stops, looks at me like I am far beyond crazy, and insists “We are not driving Mommy.” Like, duh.


So for Christmas from Santa I got the Wii Fit Plus. I am very excited. Even more so since learning it doubles as your very own personal therapist.

This new therapist tells me I am wildly unbalanced. Not in so many words but I can read between the Mii’s.

Basically, my centre-of-balance leans way left. Wait is this some political-spy-espionage software? Wow, political fitness therapy. Brilliant. So worth $99.

Anyways, to become better ‘balanced’, my yoda, errrr, yoga instructor tells me to sit, still and straight, with a candle before me and make sure it does not flicker. This is Balance. So I sit. Legs crossed, mind still. For a moment. A milli-moment. Like a flicker. A blink. A Superman flash.

But then real life intrudes. A piano floor mat blares as the baby rolls upon it. A keyboard plays Jingle Bells with Kaya karaoking along side it. In a feat of impressive dexterity, she has simultaneously started three singing/dancing Christmas animal contraptions also. They sing ‘Shout!’ Christmas karaoke style. Everything sings and dances and moves at least one note off key. And here I sit, cross-legged and still. Well cross-legged and giggling. Then grabbing a wayward baby. Then singing too. Off key of course.

Yes, I am wildly unbalanced. For now, that is necessary and welcomed. Fun even.

So if you’ll excuse me, crazy is calling and I’m off to drive myself there. With the help of a few backseat drivers of course!


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