Gramma Elf

Today is the 4th anniversary of my Gramma’s death.

Today Kaya finished her first set of swim lessons and graduated to the next level. Then she made snow angels with her bestest friend. Then she baked with her mommy. Me. Her Mommy. Baked. Then she made a snowman with her daddy.

Today Brennyn ate rice cereal for the first time. When I first tried to feed Kaya, she abruptly spit it all right back out with a look that said “What the hell was that?” Brennyn, on the other hand, promptly swallowed a full spoon with a look that said precisely “What the hell were you waiting for? Feed me more. Now!”

All this amongst Christmas lights, carols, drink and  kids. If my Gramma were here she’d be in heaven. Okay, perhaps she is in the Heaven. More likely though, she is one of Santa’s little helpers. All sly and silly and giddy with Christmas spirit and joy. Same spirit she always had at this time of year, without having to worry about price tags and wrapping. Yup, Gramma elf is in heaven. Her heaven. Christmas Heaven.


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