Back In the Day

When I was being raised, there was no Google, cafes, or run bikes. There were no jogging strollers, Strong Start, nursing hotlines or online communities. There were no cells, digital cameras or train tables in stores.

There were no craft project websites and probably no crafting-for-preschoolers books either. They had to -gasp- come up with ideas all by themselves.

In my hometown, there were no fast food restaurants, no malls and definitely no play gyms.

Mom’s were in there early 20’s and hubbies were either absent, divorced from, or all day at work.

Oh my god, there was no Treehouse…

Which all begs the questions,

What the hell did you do all day?

And how the hell did you maintain your sanity?!


One thought on “Back In the Day

  1. To quote a friend…”We sat around drinking wine and eating bon bons and let the kids run wild!” We wished!There was no sanity to mainitain, it was lost at the moment of birth when I first realized…”OMIGOD this little person is depending on ME!

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