Who Me? In a Minivan? Nooo….

The grandparents are here and we got up, raced around to get everyone showered and pretty, rented a minivan and drove to the city singing Kumbaya…

Then we went to Disney on ice, bought loads of excessively expensive CRAP, gorged on a $12 bucket of popcorn (wtf?), and took my girl to the pre-show princesses.

2 hours later we pile back in the minivan, get excited to go do some shopping and eating only to be dismayed when the girls fall asleep.

So we plot a quick half hour run into the mall so I can at least get a stocking for Brennyn (so I am ready to start decorating on the 1st!) while Bal and Gampa stay in the van with sleepy girls. We run into Winners, get sucked into the time-suckage vortex that is Winners, find more then we intended to buy and get ready to jump back in the van.

Only Kaya has just woken up. Then Brennyn. What the hell, lets go to dinner! At a real sit down restaurant. That does not serve Pirate Packs or Happy Meals.

Dinner is delicious as are the girls. Even with glass cups and squishy booths. We pile back in the minivan and head home.

Through the course of the day, the minivan has endured 2 car seats, a full bag of blankies/food/change of clothes/etc., shopping, donuts, take-out and coffee cups, mittens/coats/toques strewn about and 4 adults, 1 toddler and 1 baby. It looks as though we’ve lived in it for 3.5 years.

I sit here now with a Cars pylon on my head pondering how cliched my day has been. And how bloody fantastic.

And as convenient as it was, I still hate the minivan. Even though it is super comfortable. So damn comfortable… And roomy… And fit 6 of us… And had cup holders and baskets in the most convenient of locals… And…

Nope, no minivan for us. EVER. Really…


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