Random Grievance Fest



Lukewarm lattes


My period returning. Already. Forever. Well, forever until Menopause.




Cryptic or coded Facebook updates


Kaya playing the role of mommy.

“Kaya, put your shoes on! Come on! Help me out here!” said in exasperation followed up with an exaggerated sigh.

“Mommy, I do not like that talk.”

She means tone. She does not like my tone. Next she’ll be asking me to say it nicely or I can have a time out. Shit.


Having strings attached after saying there are no strings attached. I came across a blog by a fellow Canadian mommy who is a life coach. She says

I want you to think of someone special in your life right now who needs to hear from you. Click here and send this person a free card now. It’s my gift to you. No strings attached. Just because.

So I did. Because she’s a life coach and seems like a lovely person, I believed there would be no strings attached. I was wrong. I send the card to Bal and it was fantastic. But then I got an email and a phone call and a package in the mail promoting the card company. A multi level marketing company. And in all fairness, the email, phone call and package were all lovely. The concept is not a bad one just one that I am not interested in. Even if I were, tell me straight up what I am signing up for. Don’t tell me it’s a gift, no strings attached. The strings are a flyin’ everywhere with cat nip and kitty cats clambering after them.


Boogers. Toddler boogers. Baby boogers. Boogers left on my Booby boogers…


The fact that boogers is not considered a word in the spellcheck and suggests I change it to ‘boomers’ or ‘Borges’ instead. Huh?


NaBloPoMo on day 25…

5 more days and counting. Phew.


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