Random Love Fest

I love Jon & Kate. The show, not the people. Somehow there is a distinction there… I cried at the end of the series finale. What the hell is it about these people that makes me care?


I love Sue Sylvester from Glee. She is my favorite character. She’s over-the-top and ridiculous but oh so hilarious in a fully politically incorrect manner. Politically incorrect is funny.

I’ll often yell at homeless people: ‘Hey, how is that homelessness working out for you? Try not being homeless for once.’

I love Modern Family too.

Mitchell: Just the emerald city at the end of my yellow brick road
Cameron: Wow you did it
Mitchell: What?
Cameron: You made figure skating sound even gayer.

And don’t forget about Community.

Jeff: I’m saying you’re a football player, its in your blood
Troy: That’s racist
Jeff: It’s in your soul?
Troy: That’s racist
Jeff: Your eyes?
Troy: That’s gay
Jeff: That’s homophobic
Troy: That’s black
Jeff: That’s racist!
Troy: Damn

Abed: Our first assignment is a documentary, they’re like real movies but with ugly people

Abed: 9/11 was pretty much the 9/11 of the falafel market

Pierce: Sexually harassing? That makes no sense to me. Why would I harass someone that turns me on?

Jeff: If I’m gonna cheat, I’m not gonna write information from a book on a piece of paper, that’s practically learning for God’s sake

Quite honestly I have no idea if these sound funny if you don’t watch the shows. But all of them have made me chuckle. Sometimes giggle. Sometimes moan in horror. Other times gasp. All of them had me react. Which is, of course, their purpose. Unlike the ‘reality’ of The Hills or Big Brother where issues of racism, sexism, ageism, etc, are readily apparent without being acknowledged, these shows throw it in your face and dare you to confront the issues.


I love the new 811 nurses hotline. Instead of waiting 3 hours at the clinic or emergency room for some reassurance, I just have to call them. While still in my pj’s. Eating chocolate. While watching So You Think You Can Dance. Love it!


I love Rigamarole wine. Okay, I haven’t even tried it yet but I love the word and the logo. Rigamarole. Rigamarole. Rigamarole. Tongue Twister and Tongue Typer…

Rigamarole- Why is the Elephant dining on Hummingbird Soup?


I love my new lens.
Nikon 50mm f1.8d


I love starting Xmas crafts already. Especially when they consist of using green jello powder to sprinkle on glue covered xmas tree paper. Mostly I love licking my fingers.


Perhaps Kaya said it best upon Riley barking at nothing yet again,

“You must love to love Riley-Roo!”


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