Shop Local Only/Often/Sometimes/On Sale…

I vow to do ALL my Christmas shopping local this year!

I vow to do most of my Christmas shopping local this year!

Can local include online independent stores within Canada?

Holy crap, did you see that deal at Walmart?

So goes my thought process in trying to keep my shopping local this year. If you listen closely you can hear the grumbles and groans of my family shaking their heads moaning “Noooo, I don’t want that organically knit handwashable only toque in mossy green!”

But keeping it local does not necessarily mean kitschy crap. What it does mean is supporting your community by promoting local business. Having owned a local business in the past year, I know how difficult and important community support is. It also means convenience, lessening your carbon footprint and giving more meaningful, unique gifts.

The problem is, other people’s Xmas lists do not include that funky necklace from the boutique place on the corner of your home town. And funky to me may mean crappola to you.

Another problem I’m finding this year is that I am poor. So poor. So when given the choice to pay for a book full price at the local bookstore or buying it online for 35% off, I have to choose the latter. Yes, I want to support that local bookstore owner but supporting my community also means paying my local bills.

So I am striking a balance this year. I am in full swing of Christmas shopping. Some local, some online, some from the city malls. And while I should not say what I have bought for whom from where, I will say that scoring such a great deal on that mossy green pom-pom toque is going to look damn fine on a certain uncle. Kaya told me so!



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