Scary Dora

Kaya loves Dora. Thank goodness for grandparents who indulge her in her passions. For I only get her the ‘natural’ toys. You know, the boring ones.

So even though I have not purchased her any Dora, she has Dora movies, a Dora van, Dora painting , Dora books and Dora figurines. These consist of Soccer Dora, Camping Dora, Boots and Dora, Birthday Dora and Skin Cancer Dora. You heard me right. Skin Cancer Dora. See for yourself:

Skin Cancer Dora

Here is what she should look like:
Dora The Explorer

Click Here For Images &
Dora The Explorer Pictures

Tragically, Dora got skin cancer this past summer after spending the summer outside in the crab sandbox/water table with no protection. Not even a bloody sun hat. She is doing okay though a little weak. She does not feel much up to exploring these days. Kaya would like to know why Dora looks so ‘ugly’ and this is where I decide Dora is not so bad after all. She is totally helping me instill the value of sunscreen. Dora looks scawy sweetheart? You too will be scawy yellowy wrinkly patchy if you don’t wear your sunscreen. What? You’d like some sunscreen on? Willingly? Thank you Dora. No more threatening, chasing, forcing, pinning down to apply sunscreen. Just a pleasant “Do you want to look like Scary Dora?” does the trick.


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