Gum Boots and Muddy Buddies


On Tuesday it was pouring out. Torrentially. So we stayed indoors all day doing crafts, crafts, crafts and cartoons. It was a good day.

But Wednesday morning we all woke up and were MISERABLE. The lot of us. We needed to get the hell out of the house. Fortunately, it was a more mixed-bag sort of day with some sprinkles and sun so by 9:30am we were outta here.

From “I don’t wanna go outside! I don’t wanna wear my boots! I don’t wanna go for a walk! I don’t like the river!” while I dressed her in her muddy buddy and gumboots to the immediate joyful smile radiating stronger than the sun once we got outside. Our dog even had a smile. I swear.

There really is nothing quite like a puddle jump. It aspires giddiness and playful exuberance. Kaya, Brennyn and I giggled and jumped and giggled and ran. It was a good day.

So please, join us for a nature walk, for this Photo Friday:

Me and Brennyn


Kaya wanted a picture with Brennyn too!




BIG puddle!DSC_0004

We pick up lots of treasures along the way- sticks, rocks, pinecones and leaves. We leave the mushrooms!DSC_0026

Lots of fishermen out this morning. We see one catch a stick.DSC_0022

Then it is time to go home. We pile in the car and Kaya exclaims

“Mommy, Riley smells like nature!”


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