Art Class

Whereby I insist to you that my toddler is an artistic genius and you role your eyes and click to something more enlightening. Like porn. Or Perez Hilton.


A Scawy Monster- ewwwww


An Octopus. Hello? Cuteness!


Bob the Blob! How cool is that?DSC_0004

The Art that Shall Remain Nameless- I don’t know. Kaya won’t tell me what this is. Bal thought it was some monster with fangs. I think it’s an alien in a spacecraft. Kaya remains very mysterious about the whole thing.DSC_0006

A LadybugDSC_0007

There was an old whale who swallowed a ladybug,

I don’t know why, she swallowed a ladybug…DSC_0008


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