If You Are Depressed, Go Find a 3-Year-Old

“Look! I’m riding on Brennyn!” Kaya exlaims while she indeed sits upon Brennyn.

“Don’t squish Brenny! It’s not nice.”

“But I do ride on witches…”


Kaya’s sweater gets stuck on her head as I am trying to pull it off of her.

“Did your head get bigger?” I joke.

“No.” she muffles as a fleece sweater covers her face.

“You must be growing lots of brains in there!” I am trying to distract her while I wrench the thing off.

“I don’t want brains,” she cries,  “cuz they hurt me!”


After the H1N1 shot, we are at home watching cartoons. Kaya thinks the spider sticker on her hand is where the needle went in so I know she is doing fine.

Out of the blue she asks “We gettin more noodles today?”

“Noodles? You want noodles for dinner?”

“No!” she giggles “Noodles!”


“Noodles.” and points to her hand.

“Oh! Needles. No, no more needles today!” I answer worried she is going to have needle nightmares all night.

Instead she looks disappointed.

“You want more noodles?” I question.

“I want more stickers!”

(And I will totally remind her of this in 3 weeks time when it is time to go in for the booster shot!)


Kaya, Brennyn and I are sitting in a coffee shop.

“Sweet Potato Pie!” yelps my three-year-old.

I laugh then ask “Who says that?” because I know it’s not from our house.

“Lucy at daycare say that.”

She continues, “Hannah say ‘I love you Kaya’ all the time at daycare.” Which she probably does not, but cute that my daughter can lie tell stories already!

“Shannon say ‘Holy Smoley Macaroni!'”

Then she asks me, “You know what Brennyn say?”

“No, what does our baby say?”

“Grunt. Grunt.” Grunted by Kaya in four-month-old Brenny perfection.


“Riley (our dog) gonna go away and we gonna have a kitty cat.” said as a matter of fact, not in any way a question.

“Ummm, nope.” I answer anyways.

“But I want one.”

“But wouldn’t you  miss Riley-Roo?”

“Mmmm, nope.”


We have movie night every Friday night. Cartoon, popcorn and family pile-up on the couch. Last nights movie was The Lion King.

Kaya’s favourite part was the beginning of the movie with all the animals.

Bal’s favourite part was Kaya hogging all the popcorn and distributing it sparingly to mommy and daddy one piece at a time.

My favourite part was a beautiful Lion King song. You may remember it sung by Sir Elton John as:

Can you feel the love tonight?

But my favourite version is by Miss Kaya Morgan. It was sung, in the same tune, a little something like this:

Can you- go- buy me- some donuts?


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