Upside Down

“Don’t be sad! Turn that frown upside down!” Bal comments on Kaya’s pout.

It strikes me then. It has been an upside down sort of day. Starting with craft time. Halloween may be over but Kaya still wants to make ghosts. Coated in white, she makes an upside down hand print and giggles as she accessorizes it with glue glitter and googly eyes. Her giggle gets Brennyn giggling. Until her eye tooth breaking through reminds her she’s mad. So she grabs Sophie the giraffe, flops it upside down and gnaws madly on the deliciously squishy legs.

Later we head out for a walk. Salmon are spawning so the creeks are filled with fish completing their life cycle. Riley runs into the creek chasing the flapping tails. “Riley!” I yell. “Get out! You’re going to scare the fish half to death!” Then I snort laugh realizing that in fact, the fish are on their way to a full death. One flaps its tail directly to the right of the trail. Riley sniffs at it from the path. Then it flops. Upside down.

Maybe it’s because it is fall back time. We moved the clock back one hour the night before. It has made everything topsy turvy. Inside, outside, upside down Dr. Seuss style. Which isn’t to say it is the wrong way. Just not the expected way.

Which is a lot like autumn actually. Leaves fall. The ground rots. Rain and mist invade. All while the most stunning scenery, colours and smells envelop our senses. Not expected. But,








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