A NaBloPoMo Bitch Slap

Here we go. NaBloPoMo which for those of  you not blogging or participating is National Blog Posting Month. The challenge? To blog every day in the month- 30 posts in 30 days. With no reward or recognition.

Crazy, yes. Stupid and maybe even pointless, sure. But a challenge. One I am taking on specifically because I want to explore the possibility of writing for money. This means I need to practice writing. And this holds me accountable to make sure I am writing every day. Practicing every day. Grasping for topics and inspiration every day. Excuses be damned; Baby was fussy; Day got a way from me; Laundry to do; I am bored; I am boring. No, there is always something to write about. Even if it has to be about buttered popcorn smelling poo.

“Mwahahahahaha!” NaBloPoMo laughs evilly. A remnant of Halloween witchery. “I am here to evoke fear and misery in all who attempt me… Mwahahahaha…”

Whereby I bitch slap her. Adrenaline and energy follow the slap. The stinging sings “I will defeat you. I will do it!”

Then regret. “Oh shit, I’m going to get hit back. Pummeled even. What the hell was I thinking?”

30 days to find out who wins this cat fight.

I’ll keep you posted. Mwahahahahah…


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