Giant Update

Standing roadside of my hometown is a moose. A moose is a moose. Unless of course you are from Japan. Or anywhere with no moose. My point, the moose never inspired my imagination. Unless you count piling atop him as a teen with beer in hand (okay, coolers. Beer was so yucky at 16.) Awkward teens atop awkward moose. Not so much imaginative as it is cliched. Teens thinking they are funny and cool but really oh so obnoxious.

I imagine that is also what happened with the Giant in my current hometown. Awkward teens graffiti Giant with balls and penises. Not original. Not creative.

Dismembering Giant though, wholly unique.

And feeding my imaginative little girls mind. Once we visited Decapitated Giant and learned that he was ‘sick’ and would be fixed really soon, Kaya felt better. “I don’t like Giant tipping over” became an entire story:

Me and Hannah, Jamie, Ceyris, and Kamryn pushed Giant so he was tipping over. He was sad so he went to see his mommy. They make a fire and sit beside it and eat a freezie. A purple freezie. I like Giant tipping over. He is coming home soon and he will be happy.

Sure enough. Giant came home. He is all better and dons a new pair of mittens and toque much to the delight of Kaya. Giant red mittens are really, really funny. They are also supporting Canada’s athletes in the upcoming Olympics through the Own the Podium initiative. Proceeds from all sales of the red mittens go to the program which provides funding, equipment and training to our athletes so they can make the most of their opportunity to win big while hosting the Olympics.

I don’t know what Kaya’s story is going to evolve into now. But I do know that there are hundreds of Olympic hopefuls and thousands of kids across the country who’s imaginations are running, skiing, soaring, luging at the dream of standing atop the podium, tall, proud and very giant-like.



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