Lunging Crunching Squat

Exercising is a solitary endeavour requiring social interaction. At least it does if you have no discipline whatsoever. What is it about exercise and not finding the motivation to just do it? Crunches and lunges can, theoretically, be accomplished just as effectively alone as they are in a group setting. Only I am able to do more, do any really, only when there is an instructor and gym-mates.

Accountability is a force of nature.

Why else would I subject myself to communal mats and stinky rooms? Why else would I pretend not to notice my instructors sweaty pits (yet not be able to tear my gaze away either?) Why else would I allow other people see me in the funhouse mirror type clothes that distorts my entire core into gargantuan hips, thighs, muffin top and a disturbingly arched back? Why else would I position myself in a Piss-Like-a-Dog Pose then wiggle my waggles away (oh so many waggles in oh so many directions…) all over the aerobic room?

Accountability. Powerful bitch.


One thought on “Lunging Crunching Squat

  1. In Boot Camp yesterday we had to do a circuit doing different activies with tires! Speaking of accountability! You would never find me exercising by running through tires, pulling tires, lifting tires or dragging tires if I wasn’t in a group.
    It was a great work out though!! Wow! Do I hurt this morning!

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