Walking Kaya to daycare this past week, I am struck by the amount of wreaths adorning doorways. Wreaths? In October? Should we also begin Halloween Trees and Vampire Claus? Ridiculous.

Where does it stop? This mass commercialization of the holiday. Any holiday. Thanksgiving used to be about family drama amongst turkey and some bad kids crafts from school. Now I go to the grocery store and there is a full aisle of Thanksgiving place settings, blocks for the mantel that reads “Give Thanks”, plastic wreaths, plastic scarecrows, large turkey statues… What the hell? Who buys 3 feet turkey’s to adorn their doorstep? Lots of people it would seem.

Past Thanksgiving we have Halloween. A holiday once full of creativity and innocent mischievousness now is full of ready-made commercial costumes (hello? Kaya as Spiderman anyone…) and inordinate amounts of plastic decor. We have plastic bags or plastic candy-carriers shaped as the latest popular cartoon characters. Where once we would have had a bowl of noodles for brains, we now have a plug-in bowl that lights up, pops something spooky up at you and yells “BOO!” Now decorations light up and smoke. One small candy in the trick-or-treat bag is now a handful of chocolate bars. Why do we even bother with Trick-or-Treat? Why not just “TREAT!” Even the simple act of gutting then cutting a pumpkin has become over-the-top. Now we have carving ‘equipment’, stencils and elaborate 3D art.

Nothing is simple anymore. Everything has to be more, bigger and this supposedly equates better.

I say enough. This year can we all just ask ourselves, “Do I really need the orange flashing pumpkin string of lights?”

“Do I really need plugged in crap to scare people? Am I not capable of scaring the bejezus out of people myself?”

In this economy (that phrase alone is cringe worthy), is it not more important to pay your mortgage rather than taking out a second one just to pay for all the CRAP of holiday decor?

Did you participate in Earth Hour? Did you shut off the power? Have you made a concerted effort this year to improve the environment? (stop global warming, save the animals, recycle, reuse, stop waste…) Lets not waste all that effort by buying plug in this, plastic that. Just turn off the lights. It is Halloween for christ sake. It is supposed to be dark and spooky.


Yes, this October holiday season, I am going to keep things simple. I am going to forego buying any decorations. If I have any, I will make them. I am going to attempt to buy treats with the least amount of wasteful packaging. Hell, I’d even consider making (haha…) treats if I thought anyone would want or be allowed to eat the damn things. I am going to refuse to buy that tacky (but granted, somewhat hilarious) gobbling goblet. Our pumpkin will be gutted with a spoon, carved with an old fashioned knife from the junk drawer and will require only a slight bit of help from ‘google’ for ideas. Yes, this October holiday season, I have had enough. I am saving my money, doing my part for the environment and keeping things simple.

Yup, simple. That’s me. You know, the lady that just rented a blow-up bouncy castle for her daughters 3rd birthday…


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