Fluent in Giraffe

Sometimes words are not necessary. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

-What? I’m sitting in a chair mom. It’s not rocket science.


-Enough Mom! It’s a chair. I am sitting in it. Photos are not necessary.


-Okay, I am only 2 months old. Maybe it is a little freakin cool!


-Does Mommy always take so many pictures big sis?

-Totally. Look you have to do like this. CHEESE!


-But if you want to annoy her, put your feet way in the air like this!DSC_0017

-Oh, I like that! Do it again, do it again! I want to do it too…DSC_0018

-I’ll totally teach you when you get bigger!DSC_0026-Don’t worry, I’ll teach you so many ways to drive our parents crazy!


-You are the coolest big sister EVER!DSC_0034



(evil laughter in big sis’s brain)


-You seriously gonna let her get away with that mamma?DSC_0005***

-Look Daddy, it’s a giraffe!

-Look Mommy, it’s people!


-Hi little people! I’m a little giraffe. Wanna be friends?DSC_0038

-Where’d you get your bike and helmet cute little girl? I want one too!DSC_0039

-Ummm… Daddy got them for me.DSC_0040

-Hey Big-Daddy, can you give me one too?DSC_0042

-No? Well you don’t have to be rude about it… I’m outta here.DSC_0043

-WTF Daddy… Was that giraffe really TALKING to us? DSC_0046***


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