(In the Name of a Mamma’s Love)

Kaya's 1st Portraiture

'A Guy'

Kaya’s first ever portraiture. She did it all on her own with no prompting from me. She named it  ‘A Guy’. Genius. She may be an astronaut some day setting off for the moon and I won’t be more proud than I was the moment she drew this.

A mother’s pride. Nobody warned me that burps, blow-outs, jolly-jumps and stick men drawings would result in such overwhelming feelings of pride. Maybe because we are embarrassed at such simple accomplishments affecting us so. But then I think, when have I ever in my life been disappointed that somebody was proud of me. Never. And so I post this ‘guy’, this art, with complete, absolute and total pride in my amazing and accomplished almost three year old.


One thought on “Pride

  1. I see an artist in the making. I know this drawing “A Guy” will probably be worth millions in the future because my granddaughter is a genius.

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