Plus 15

Growing up, my mom was constantly on a diet. If she wasn’t starving herself, she was buying some weird foods or going to some weight classes or making some gooey shake. Her weight fluctuated back and forth, up and down, flabby and flat for as long as I can remember.

Which is why I have never dieted in my life.


I eat fairly well albeit some form of chocolate is ingested daily. I am fairly active although much less so with one dawdling toddler and one infant in need of booby snacks every hour or two or six depending on her mood.

The weight came off quite quickly after my first pregnancy. But then I was out on power walks with the stroller and joining baby bootcamp classes with other moms. This pregnancy does not seems so fast. Partly due to my toddler who toddles. Partly due to meeting mom friends at the park to watch our older kids chase each other while we sit on the benches, nursing and gabbing.

So recently I decided to put forth a little bit more effort to lose the weight. This means I am doing crunches daily with Kaya which usually results in her looking at me like I’m insane before jumping on my legs and demanding that I be a train or plane or donkey. It means I’ve joined a fitness class without children (if I were a religious sort I may scream Amen! or Hallelujah! here) It means going for a walk even though that means instead of the ipod and bottle of water I used to take with me, I now leave the house with:

  • toddler
  • infant
  • wrap
  • stroller
  • 2 water bottles
  • bag of snacks
  • diapers/wipes/change mat
  • receiving blanket
  • picnic blanket
  • run bike
  • helmet
  • camera
  • dog
  • dog leash

I come back with all of that plus:

  • fallen leaves Kaya collected
  • sticks
  • special rocks
  • salmon goop all over a smiling dog
  • this picture

Kaya & Brennyn at the River

I also come back with more exercise than I could have imagined what with the carrying a fussy 13lb baby in a wrap while pushing the cranky 30lb toddler in the 25lb stroller that also holds the 10lb bike. Seriously. I am exhausted.

And pretty confident I will be losing this extra 15lbs. Even with my daily chocolate intake.


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