Kaya Talk

“I smell like fart” she retorts while slamming her hands into her scrunched up nose. She is trying to say ‘I smell fart’ but no matter how many times I try to correct her, she keeps in the ‘like’. Passing Chilliwack she comments “I smell like farm!” or a gassy daddy “I smell like stink!” or at the gas station “I smell like funny!”


Kaya is bouncing Brennyn really hard in her bouncy chair. Calmly (even though I want to shout for the zillionth time “BE GENTLE!!!”) I ask “What are you doing?”

“I’m just rockin my baby sister named Alien.”


Kaya comes home from daycare with her daddy.

“Hey sweetie!”

“Hay is for horses.” she deadpans.


Kaya is being especially cute and gentle with her sister. “Mmmmm… you’re delicious!” I squeal and smother her in kisses.

“No I’m not. Don’t eat me.”


Before naptime Kaya and I play monsters. Basically I roar and she squeals. 2 hours later, she wakes up from her nap and the first thing she says to me is:

“Your name is not Mommy. It’s “Raawwrrr”


“Where’d Brennyn go?” Bal asks coming in from work.

Kaya responds first. “The Monster ate her. Oh well.”


3 thoughts on “Kaya Talk

  1. Can’t tell me she doesn’t have an imagination! Her sister named Alien!! Where did that come from? And the monster eating her. Apparently that’s not a big deal at all!! I laughed and laughed when I read these hilarious Kaya sayings.

  2. 2:42 AM reading with little guy lying on my lap…can’t just turn over and feed him like the books on co-sleeping suggest.
    I also pump his little legs every morning at 5 AM when he wakes with gas. It’s like playing the baby bag pipes.
    I can’t spend more than 5 minutes with him crying in the car. It breaks my heart. I order the drive to pull over, adding to the fact that it takes a while to get anywhere with him anyway.
    Joji’s first tears came out today – so my husband reported – while I was in the bath and Joji was desperate for a drink after a super long nap.
    I can relate to everything you write herem but your situations are so much more dramatic – thank you Kari!

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