We Suck

A typical road trip conversation goes something like this: (please do not hate us)

Bal- “Who is this?” (playing on the ipod)

Me- “I dunno.”

Bal- “It sounds like that guy.”

Me- “It’s not but I know the one you’re talking about.”

Bal- “You know, that guy with the raspy voice.”

Me- “Yah, I know.”

Bal- “What’s his name?”

Me- “Ummmmm…Oh god, it’s obvious.”

Bal- “I know.”

Me- “I want to say Johnny Carson but that’s the tv dude.”

Bal- “Um, no.”

Me- “I know. Ray Charles?”

Bal- “No.”

Me- “Arg, I know. It’s on the tip of my tongue. Really.”

Me- “That hot actor dude played him in the movie!”

Bal- “Oh ya, What was his name?”

Bal- “Johnny Cash!”

Me- “Yay, now who was the actor who played him?”


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