Train of Thought

I was driving home from Vancouver today when I reached the top of the hill and ‘Bam’, what a view before me. This is my brain’s train of thought at that moment:

BAM! What a view. It never gets old. It’s more like a BAM! POW! WOW!

Oooh, that sounds like a great start to a kids book. I wonder if it’s been done. But would the Pow Wow offend the First Nations? Where does Pow Wow come from? Is it a marketing tool to promote their gatherings? Or does it mean something in their language but which language? I need to google it.

If I had an Iphone I could totally google it right now.

But then I’d be online and not driving and get in a car accident. Just remember to google it when you get home.

I totally am not going to remember to google this.

Stupid not having a notebook in my purse to be able to jot this down. I always have a notebook. Always when I don’t freakin need it. Then when I do I don’t have one. Figures.

I must have something I can write it on.

Feeling in purse with one hand while driving with the other.

Nope, only diapers. Shit. I totally won’t remember. What the hell am I trying to remember?

Pow Wow.

Diapers will work.

Pen, pen, pen, pen…

Feeling for pen.

Shit. Are you kidding me. No pen.

Oh, there’s a crayon. Sweet.

Writing Bam! Pow! Wow! on diaper with Purple Crayon while staring at the road ahead. Exclamation marks included.

Why am I putting exclamation marks? Just jot the basics. I’ll remember. Oh my god, focus on driving.

This may be bloggable. Purple crayon on diaper to remember to google powwow. God I’m lame.

What’s the purple named? Blue Violet. Boring.

Oops, I should be watching the road not reading tiny crayon print. Stupid.

***5 hours later***

Changing Brennyn’s bum.

Hilarious. Crayoned diaper. I totally forgot about that.

I wonder if Bal would have noticed had he grabbed this diaper. Not.

What was it again? Oh ya Pow wow. What about it? Oh, go google it. Later. No, now. You’ll forget again later. I don’t feel like going to the computer upstairs. You’re totally not going to remember. Why is this so important again?

***2 hours later (approximately now)***

3 Lexulous moves, a facebook check-in and emails read, then,

“PowWow!” I can’t believe I remembered. Hilarious.

Googling ‘PowWow how started’

Oh it means “spiritual leader”. That’s cool. Why am I looking this up? Blog. What the hell am I going to blog? Train of Thought. This is not going to be funny. No, but there are 2 sleeping children and it’s either blog something or go clean the kitchen.

The end.


2 thoughts on “Train of Thought

  1. You should write a book, maybe a kid’s book, maybe an adult book, but you should …your writing is fantastic. I’d pay to read it. Way to go Kari.

    I don’t know how you do it all – driving here and there, two kids, trips here and there.

    God my life is so different – I count on one hand the number of times I have left the apartment in the past two weeks. I am stationed on the sofa, anchored here somehow with occasional detours to other parts of the apartment. You on the other hand have got your life and independence back in full swing it seems, and time to write, and write well. Keep that notebook closeby and don’t write any more while driving – that’s scary!

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