Do people in Arizona or the Sahara have days of melancholy? Days like today when the rain falls, the temperature drops and nothing gets done except the art of doing nothing. Where every inhaled breath of fresh, pure air brings with it a precise moment in time. Maybe a vivid memory. Maybe a longing in the future. But hopefully a moment simply of the moment.

Sun brings energy. It brings activity and ignites the business of doing.

Rain slows things down. Rain reflects. It gets down to the business of being.

This summer, like most, has been full and busy. Giving birth, family visits, entertaining, shopping, beaching…

But today it rains. Constant rain falling and flowing outside prompts the opposite inside. (Unless you are a toddler in daycare practicing the fine art of the puddle jump of course!) Today I have a bubble bath. Today I savour my coffee while reading a great book. Today I curl up in bed with Brennyn snug on my chest. Together we breathe in, we breathe out, rhythmically and in tune. We do nothing else.

Today is a productive day.


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