Toddlitude Talk

Making a Funny:

“What you doin mommy?” she asks after the 100th consecutive day of watching me put on makeup.

“You know what I’m doing. You ask me everyday.”

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do. You tell me. What am I doing?”

“You putting on your… extended pause for dramatic effect… mmm- mittens?!!” as she gives her most mischievious of grins and then laughs along with my laughing at her being oh so clever.


I had prepared Kaya for the baby breastfeeding. So when Brennyn arrives and she’s eating away, I ask Kaya “What’s Brennyn doing Kaya?”

“Kissing Mommy’s booby.”


A few days later Kaya runs up to me, grabs my breast, pinches it and retorts “I’m hungry Mommy!” She doesn’t want to breastfeed. More like she has associated the boob with the attention to receive nourishment. Kind of like a cow bell.


My sci-fi addiction continues. Now I am hooked on a British series called Torchwood. I am watching it one day when 2 men start making out. Kaya watches and this is her line of thought:

“Awwwww…. they cuddles!”

“He’s kissin him.”

“Oh, he’s eatin him!”


Kaya at various times to Brennyn:

“I love you sweetie pie!”

“It’s okay Brenny McDoodle.” (which I started calling her and the nickname has now been officially adopted by the entire family- poor love.)

“Baby don’t cry. Be happy!”

“Look at me dancin Brennyn. Look at my truck. Look at this. Look at that.” Always has to show her everything.

“So soft and cozy Brenny” as she sweetly rubs Brennyn’s blankie along her cheek just before stealing the blankie and running away (as she’s not allowed to have her blankie outside of her bed!)





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