Kaya Funnies

To herself:

“I can’t…” GRUNT

“I can’t…” GRUNT

“I can’t reach it!” she exclaims in frustration.

To me:

“MOMMY!” she comes running, “I need wings on my back so I can fly.”

She asks me simply, as though I can just as easily supply wings as I can food or a toy. I don’t know whether it is her beautifully structured sentence, her glorious imagination, or the pure innocence believing that Mommy can provide anything, but in this moment, I love my daughter even more than I did before.  How is this possible? To love somebody so completely and fully but still manage to find more to add, constantly and forever? While I can not give her what she asks for this time, I do scoop her up, smother her in smoochies and fly her to the unreachable toy.


Phone Rings. I answer. “Who Mommy talking to?” Kaya asks.

“My lawyer.” I reply.


How is she this smart this soon I wonder.


Upon waking up from naps or sleepytime, Kaya is very reflective. She often asks, talks and/or re-enacts big moments, ideas or concepts learned in the past week. Lately, obviously, we have been talking about the baby coming.

“I’m gonna be big sister soon!”

“Yes you are.”

“What’s doctor gonna do?”

“Doctor is going to help mommy bring baby out of my belly.”

“Doctor is gonna help mommy have baby?” she repeats to make sure she’s got it. “Oooooh, that’s fun!”

‘Are you Fucking kidding me?’ is what flashes in my head. Instead I just smile and nod.


“Cuddles please mommy!”

We cuddle. Belly is in the way so she wraps herself around baby belly instead. “Cuddles baby!” she coos but only because she knows it makes me melt.

Then she moves up. Grabs both boobs. Nestles her head in. “Cuddles Boobies too!” she proudly retorts, and cuddles here the longest.


Pat-a-Cake- Kaya’s version

Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake,

Bakers Man

Put it in MOMMY as fast as you can!

The end.


Bal is putting Kaya in her carseat. I get in the passenger side.


Bal freezes in fear.

I snort laugh.

Bal snort laughs too.

God almighty please let this baby come out soon… sigh.


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