Made With Love

Love was going to have to cut it in creating Kaya’s new big girl room because the alternative, mass riches, is just not happening. We could neither afford, nor be bothered, buying even paint at this point. But Kaya loves her room. And so do I. Especially as I stop, take a look around, and really truly see the love and artistry that created it.

A tour:

The only thing we did purchase, was the Ikea storage unit thingy. I wasn’t sure at first how it would work but I have ended up loving it.

Kaya's Room

Above is as you walk in Kaya’s room. Please note the size chart on the left. It has never been charted. I have absolutely no notch, marked wall, felt or x to show Kaya’s growth. Oops.

The gorgeous bed was made by her Gampa. Kaya loves her bed and loves her Gampa.

Fave Things

Above. I created her Scrapbook Owl-FamilyArt. Kaya loves to point at ‘baby owl’ then at ‘baby belly’ and shout ‘BABY!’ She’s going to be in some shock when baby arrives as a helpless human and not a cute wise lil playful owl!

Auntie Robyn made the most cozy quilt EVER for Kaya which is laid out on the chair, mostly for use by Mommy 🙂


Here is Kaya’s favourite art, 2 paintings made by her Gammy. She wakes up looking up at it, points and mumbles “Gammy made it!” after almost every nap. The teddy sitting on her bedpost is from her Great-Gramma who passed on well before Kaya came but had this teddy while sick and most certainly would have handed it down to her first great-grandchild had she been able to.Art Wall

Kaya has contributed too. Here, her very own art wall to decorate and inspire.


Scattered throughout her room, some of our favourite things:

Molly- her Poot & Boogie dolly  custom made locally just for her which I adore and she thinks is alright, now and then, when she feels like it.

Puzzles! Her faves are the pyramid stackable one which is really fun and creative and cool and her fishing rod Melissa & Doug one. Oh and the old classic tupperware shape sorter that I had as a kid too.

Blocks. Especially the all natural wooden ones made for her by Gampa. They’re the best to build up and then DEMOLISH!

Games! The Endangered Species Memory Game. Both Kaya and I LOVE it! Gorgeous art, tons of amazing animals and sturdy pieces that are pretty much indestructible for little grubby hands. Fun and we both learn a ton on some of the endangered species in our world. We also quite enjoy ‘Who Knows Whose Nose’ mostly just to say over and over again but also to pin the noses on the animals. Cow Ducks are especially hilarious in our opinion.

And perhaps the best part of her whole room? The darkening shade that keeps her napping upwards of 3 hours a day. Now that is beauty!


3 thoughts on “Made With Love

  1. What a lucky girl to have such “love”ly room. It is indeed a room to grow up in. It will be fun to watch her room change as she grows and changes as well.

    Love Gammy

  2. Hmmm… perhaps.

    But I may have to confess to being one of those obnoxious mothers who takes credit for my brilliant parenting abilities who has all the answers when in actual fact Kaya is a natural sleeper, always has been, and she may very well sleep 3 hours in the brightest of sun with a circus act performing at her bedside.

    Still, it can’t hurt to try. Right?!

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