My Third Mother’s Day (How the Hell did that Happen?)

Kaya has been waking up every morning between 5:30am-6:30am for about a week now. But not on Mother’s Day. No, on Mother’s Day she was the model child and slept in til 7:30am! Of course, Mamma was awake anyways. Hard to sleep through a 5 pound sumo wrestling contortionist twisting and pretzel slamming this host mother’s delicate bladder.

Eventually the rest of the household, the ones not growing a life form in their bodies, wake from their comfortable, uninterrupted slumbers. Kaya runs into my room with my first ever homemade crafty Mommy’s Day card. It looks like parrot vomit. It is the most beautiful card I have ever received. It also looks like Daddy has had way too much fun ‘helping’ make the card. I guess it is that image, of Kaya and her Daddy seated at the table crafting something just for mommy, that means the most. I wonder if that will ever get old. Will I ever inwardly roll my eyes at another ‘crafty’ present? I hope not although I get the sense, though no direct confirmation, that many long time mamma’s do feel that way.

After being served coffee, pancakes, a new book and tulips, we head to the park.  I take a sticker off my book and put it on Kaya’s forehead never dreaming that she will refuse to take it off for the entire day. We play, shop and run around with neighborhood friends all with this sticker on her head.

25% off Priceless is still Priceless

25% off Priceless is still Priceless

Bal, Kaya and Riley run like crazy fools around the park while our little La Booga and I sit to catch our breath (that walk from the car to the playground was oh so hard work). As I watch them, it is one of those magical moments you freeze in your mind. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the wind blows the soft pink leaves amongst us. They run wild and free, giggling all the while. Bal leaps onto a rock and helps Kaya follow suit. It is only then that I notice they have run right to the edge of the park, soft pink floating cherry blossoms and my smiling energetic family at the edge of the park, right in front of the downtown crackhouse. Picture perfect.

Nothing else happens on this day. Kaya and I both nap. We all play. We eat. It is a normal day and a good one. A great one. I am one lucky and loved Mommy.


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