Tidbits (Not Timbits)

I got one of those dreaded calls the other day to let me know about a death in the family.  I laughed.

It’s not that I’m completely insensitive. Or evil. But the death was of our family dog. The one born from our previous family rat dog, 20 years ago. Yes, TWENTY YEARS. That’s 140 years old in doggy years. I laugh because this old, blind, wart-ridden, deaf dog  has looked like she would drop dead any day for about 5 years now. So upon getting this call I had to ask my mom “Are you sure? She’s not just lost or hanging out with neighbors?”

“She hasn’t been seen for a day in a half. This is definitely it. She went away to die. I am sure.”

Only she is not. Because 2 days later I call her and she has to confess “Toby is alive.” She was hanging with neighbors (and pooping/peeing all over their house).

So the doggy eulogy will have to wait. Just hopefully not another 5 years…


Kaya thinks her head band is actually called a ‘Head Band-Aid’ which just makes me giggle.

Head Band-Aid

Head Band-Aid


This morning in the car Bal asks me, “Where’s Wales?”

For a millisecond I do not know so sarcastically I quip “In the ocean…” (Bah dah dah)

Bal does not acknowledge my ‘joke’. He stutters. He stammers. He responds with a “Oh, I thought it was a part of the UK.”

The last couple of months living with ‘Hormonal Monster’ have terrified the poor guy. Terrified him into complete submission to my every whim. Sweet. With such knowledge, I may be able to get through the next 7 weeks after all!


Have I already wrote about Kaya’s penguin shoes? Her patent black dress shoes have become her ‘Happy Feet’ shoes. She taps and dances and races around the house in them constantly. One memorable occasion had ‘Hormonal Monster’ in bed after a very tiring, bad day. Kaya donned a hoody with a football jersey overtop, a diaper, no pants, bright pink polk-a-dot socks with one ‘Happy Foot’ shoe on. If you knew my mood that day, if you saw my weary body, you would know how miraculous it was that anything could elicit even a grin, nevermind a full on snort-filled laugh.


I heard this story on the local radio station here. The DJ was at Whistler and there were 2 young (13/14 years old) snowboarders heading up the mountain chatting. It was a mix-bag sort of day with both rain and sun.

“Dude, do you know what it means when it’s sunny and rainy at the same time?”

“No, what?”

“Dude, it means old people are making out somewhere.”



They were probably envisioning thirtysomethings all the while.



One thought on “Tidbits (Not Timbits)

  1. Ok so I was overly confident on the demise of the dog. But come on….20 years!!!

    I love Kaya’s band aid. Very stylin’. And the picture of her in her Happy Feet attire…too funny.

    Poor Bal…

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