Toddler Trauma

Okay, so bringing a new human life form into the house may be slightly traumatic for my toddler. But no more so then a giant hopping bunny invading daycare. Or being forced to sit on some random fat dude with a big, tangled beard. Or us parents disappearing quite suddenly for 5 days. Or being told “No!” by a mommy who’s body is expanding in equal proportion to her energy imploding.

Kids are resilient. Everything is new to them so they adapt quickly. Right?

In about 8 weeks, we will find out.

In the meantime, we start to prepare Kaya for the impending arrival. It is hard to know what she gets. How much she is taking in. Does she think that being a big sister means taking care of this odd mutant belly protruding from mommy or does she comprehend that there is a baby inside of there? A baby that is going to at some point come out. Crying. And change all of our lives.

We moved Kaya into her new bedroom and that went amazingly smooth. While it took me days to not head towards the other room first, Kaya immediately ran into her big girl room like it had been hers all along. Within a day she knew that that other room, the smaller one ,was the ‘baby’ room and she was so much better than that.

My next goal was to make her a book about our family trying to explain how she arrived and what she can expect with a new baby in the house.

I start when it was just Bal and I. Ahhhh, just the 2 of us. Good times…

Just the 2 of Us

Just the 2 of Us

 Then a rhyme on adopting our dog Riley, then the decision to have our first baby. It’s all very linear and domestic don’t ya think?

Dog First- Baby Second

Dog First- Baby Second

Heehee, note baby-belly getting in the way of my shot! 

Then a few pages on Kaya’s birth and her growing from baby to toddler. Then we have here some pages on expectations with a new baby in the family.



I finish with a page of a picture of the whole family, belly included, and several blank pages that Kaya knows we will fill up once baby arrives.

That may be her favourite part of the whole book. Those blank pages. She can’t wait to flip to the end and ask “What happened?” Oh, and the silly picture of Roo with her tongue hanging out. “Roo!!!” She squeals with delight ignoring my clever rhymes. Then she ignores our family in the photo entirely but points in glee at the lake behind us. Still, she does love the book and asks often to read the ‘family book’. Craft time can be productive for Mom’s too!

So we’re doing what we can to prepare her.  Which is laughable really. Because anyone who has had a kid knows, nothing can prepare you.

Nothing can prepare you for the joy, madness, difficulty, ease, frustration, hilarity, wonder, horror, exhaustion, and energy that a baby brings.

And nothing, absolutely nothing, can prepare you for the love. Sibling love must be included in that.



6 thoughts on “Toddler Trauma

  1. Just so you know! Even though you fought with your brother, screamed at him for being a pain in the (&^*(&^*, told him you hated him and called him names, you were the first to defend him if someone was picking on him, if he was sick you made sure he had everything he needed, superman comics, cartoons on TV and his blanket and if I was angry at him, you stood up for him. Siblings may not always act like they love each other but they do. And Kaya will love her new brother or sister. Really! She will! Even on those days you wonder… WHY did I want kids?

  2. Thanks mom 🙂

    ps. what’s a (&^*(&^*? lol

    have you ever read my blog before? you could probably have just said ‘ass’! Capitalized it even. ASS! LOL

  3. What a beautiful scrapbook! I didn’t know you did scrapbooking…could you do mine? We had a wonderful visit with you guys on Sunday. Thanks for making time for us.

  4. I love scrapbooking! I did one for Kaya for the 1st year of her life but had stopped after that as I wasn’t sure I wanted a scrapbook for every year of her life. she’d probably be pissed if i sent her to college with 18 scrapbooks 🙂 Anyways, making this one to prepare her for baby was my excuse to get more scrapbooking in!

    We had a great visit too! Was so good to see you guys again and it’s just so fun bringing the kids together. Plus, you made an unwanted trip into the city for various errands, one that we actually looked forward to!

  5. What a beautiful special book. You really look like a fairytale couple with that castle in the background. I wonder if this can be an extention of your business…scrapbooking night at the cafe. I would love to learn how to make a book like that. It must have taken hours. Is it laminated? or somehow protected so it lasts?

  6. Okay, the ‘fairytale couple’ part kind of made me spurt, gag, have coffee come out my nose but thank you 🙂

    yes, scrapbooking can time some time. but i love the creativity of it. there are TONS of scrapbooks, papers, stickers, etc out there now. I imagine Japan would have some really cool stuff with all their cutesy stationary. I often use orgami-type paper in mine too. and yes, you make your page and then insert it into a page protector so it does not get damaged.

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