Patch My Canada Flag

Before getting an HD PVR (Tivo DVR same?), I watched normal cable. Normal cable with US shows but Canadian advertising. Since getting the HD PVR, I have been continually surprised at how different Canadian and American tv are. Some are obvious differences. Some more subtle. But all very different.

Like celebrities. The US has way more celebrities, new, now, big or second rate, selling products. I had no idea. I just knew Kiefer Sutherland did a damn fine voice over for Ford.

And the show previews. Do Americans not like new? Do they not enjoy an element of surprise or intrigue? Is the only way to get them to watch, to show them every damn decent moment that is coming up on the next show? It drives me crazy. I can’t watch. Why even bother watching the actual show when you can surmise every bloody thing that is going to happen from the previews?

News clips (and the news itself) are very different too. More sensational in the US. Most of the same events are reported in Canada. But they are reported differently. I can’t quite put my finger on how exactly but they are.(I will have to ponder this more…)

And by far the the thing that I have noticed most dramatically, is the advertising of prescription drugs! Canada has a federal law that prohibits direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals. This means, I think,  if Viagra wants to advertise, they can use their name without saying anything about what the drug does or they can say what the drug does but not say their name (what’s the point?). Tricky business. Anyways, this means no long list of ‘possible sideffects may include…’ boredom. Seriously, watching that damn ‘Yaz’ commercial could drive a person mental. Hmmm, product placement… Forget getting your ad in the Superbowl, place your psychotic, depressive drug of choice right after Yaz or any allergy commercial. I’ll take a “Good Morning, good morning, it’s great to get up late!” sing-songy Viagra commercial anyday.

Anyways, the difference goes something like this:


US Version

Kid sleeping soundly in bed with Big Gulp sized bottle placed bedside. Scrolling over top “Side effects may include drowsiness, heart failure, congestion, tantruming, stickyness, and cherry flavoured (sorry, flavored), artificially-coloured (sorry, colored) neon-red-certain-to-stain vomit.” Child snores.

Canadian Version (aka- My Famdamily’s version)

Children’s Tylenol:

Momma Happy

Momma Happy

Daddy Happy

Daddy Happy

Child Conked

Child Conked!

Consult your Pharmacist… Now!

The End.


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