I have committed to writing every day. Not necessarily on my blog but writing. Something. Somewhere.

Sometimes this comes easy. Other times, not at all. At these times I need motivation. An online magazine had requested some mom articles on ‘style’. For some reason I jot this down thinking it is a fantastic idea. I will write about style! Except that I am the opposite of style. I am elyts. Drab. Blah.

My style is boring. Bal’s is lazy. But our daughter, oh our daughter, she is so style:

xmas dress up
basket headbasket head 2

She has begun styling mommy and sibling too. Apparently spiders and batman in black are all the rage in toddler land. Mommy did try to sneak some stars in there, was told a defiant “No!” to a heart, and could only draw a ‘happy’ sun if I also drew a ‘sad’ one. Don’t worry folks, this mommy is on the lookout for all those Goth toddler kids morosely sitting at the edge of the playground sucking their black soothies…
draw on baby


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