Should Be a Word 2

I am addicted to Lexulous. I had 5 games finish simultaneously and I tried to leave it at that. Give myself a lexulous leave of absense. But I could not do it. I could not stop thinking about it. So I restarted 5 new games. I am happy again.

Lexulous is great for building your 2 letter word vocabulary. Did you know Ee was a word? Or Re is the only 2 letter R word. And there are none for V. Fascinating stuff.

My vocabulary has not really increased playing this game. There are just too many nonsense not really real words but scrabble/lexulous real so I can get points for them which is all I really care about. But what really bothers me is when I can score for words like ‘yok’ or ‘qat’ or ‘nef’ but not a word that sounds like it should be a word.

Like ‘hatery’. Hatery should totally be a word.

hate·er·y [heyt-er-ee]


1. A place people go to hate. Like traffic jams, Republican rallies (because aren’t you really just there to hate the other side?) or Air Canada airplanes.

2. A word worth 40+ points in Lexulous and a game winner had it been deemed worthy enough of real word status.


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